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Maryam Pourakbar
Aim/Purpose: The main objective of this study is to analyze the relationship between leadership style, performance, and organizational trust. In addition, it will look into the relationship between four leadership styles and employee performance moderating by organizational trust in the case of Shahid Hashemi nejad Gas Refinery. Background: The leadership is one of the key important functions in ...
Leadership styles, organizational trust, employee performance, Structural equation modeling
1 - 17
Kenneth Chukwujioke Agbim
Aim/Purpose: This study seeks to examine the effect of ethical leadership on corporate governance, corporate performance and corporate social responsibility in selected Nigerian deposit money banks. Background: Business ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility developed as movements to check unethical and corrupt practices in organizations and by extension improve the perf ...
Ethical Leadership, Corporate Governance, Corporate Performance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Deposit Money Banks
19 - 35
Nalini Arumugam
Aim/Purpose: This research will explore the factors that determine the level of adoption and participation in sustainability practices among the local dairy farmers in Malaysia. Background: Sustainability is often aimed at a solution in most fields: economics, social, and ecological welfare. Sustainability is known as the best technique to practice farming, which ensures the continuity of the pra ...
Sustainability, Sustainability Development, Dairy Farmers, Agribusiness
37 - 47
Kit Teng Phuah, Jenn Ling TingJL, Kelly Kai Seng Wong
Aim/Purpose: This study examines the factors that influence customer intention to use mo-bile payment service in Nanjing, China. It also gains a deeper understanding and better insight of Chinese consumer behavior. Background: Mobile payments services represent a tremendously interesting paradox in the world of telecommunications. Although, they are convenient, quick and easy but there is not sti ...
Mobile payment, intention, attitude, perceived risk, perceived usefulness
49 - 60
Clarence Sylvester Bayne, Raafat George Saadé
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to conduct a multi-case/agent analysis using complexity theory to develop propositions that guide and inform our research for solutions to the problems of integration and full participation of the English-speaking Black community in the societies of Montreal and Quebec. Background: This study was motivated by our interest in community organizational le ...
Complex Adaptive systems, minority communities, diversity, communication technologies, ingenuity gap, cultural change models, communication and in-forming system
61 - 86
Prafulla K Padhi
Aim/Purpose: The objective of this research is to analyze the literature to-date thoroughly and conceptualize a born-global speculative start-up (BGSS) pervasive phenomenon model. Background: The concept of ‘Born-Global’ or International New Venture (INV) firm was introduced into business theory in 1988. Over the last decades BGSSs such as Apple, IBM, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, ...
BGSS, Pervasive Technologies, Pervasive Advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility, Pervasive Phenomenon
87 - 103
Hamed Motaghi, Saeed Nosratabadi, Thabit Qasem Atobishi
Aim/Purpose: The main objective of the current study is to develop a business model for service providers of cloud computing which is designed based on circular economy principles and can ensure the sustainable consumption. Background Even though the demand for cloud computing technology is increasing day by day in all over the world, the current the linear economy principles are incapable to en ...
Cloud computing, circular economy, circular business model, business model
105 - 120
Zul Ariff Abdul Latiff, Intan Zawani Othman, Nursalwani Muhamad
Aim/Purpose: The objective of this study is, for a given set demographics, to investigate the effect of knowledge, awareness and perception of consumers on the attitude/preferences of consumers for organic product in Kelantan. Background: Organic foods are food products which are free from any chemicals and are safe to be consumed by consumers. The consumers are getting more health conscious an ...
Organic food, Awareness, knowledge, attitude, perception, demographic factor
121 - 129
Daniel Mirimo, Mad Nasir Shamsudin
Aim/Purpose: This research paper attempts to assess how the Malaysia rice industry will behave if and when certain changes occur, such as the removal of policies which affect its rice import price (namely the Vietnam rice floor export price and Thailand rice pledging scheme) and which result from the ongoing region economic integration embodied in ASEAN Vision 2020. Background: Malaysia rice f ...
Rice trade, Food security, Policy analysis, System Dynamics, Malaysia, ASEAN
131 - 144
Abdul-Rahim Abdulai, Lois Araba Fynn
Aim/Purpose Study aimed to examine the impacts of the Bui-Dam Hydroelectric Power (BHP) project resettlement on communities’ livelihoods. The purpose was to understand how the resettlement affected livelihood assets, activities, and capabilities of communities and households. Background Induced displacements and livelihoods of households and communities have received enormous scholarly attentio ...
Resettlement, Dams, Community Livelihoods, Ghana
145 - 158
Agyei Fosu
Aim/Purpose: The goal of this study is to advance understanding of ICT utilization by SMMEs by checking access, ability (in terms of technological skills) and usage of ICT among some SMMEs entrepreneurs operating their businesses in an underdeveloped areas to enhance their business activities in order to utilizes the digital opportunities 21st century digital economies present. Background: In ...
Information and Communications Technology, Small Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises, 21st century digital economies
159 - 168

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