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Michael Jones
Table of Contents for the International Journal of Doctoral Studies, Volume 12, 2017
IJDS, International Journal of Doctoral Studies, PhD
i - iii
Jan Gube, Seyum Getenet, Adnan Satariyan, Yaar Muhammad
Aim/Purpose: This paper considers the role of supervisors’ discipline expertise in doctoral learning from a student perspective. Background: Doctoral students need to develop expertise in a particular field of study. In this context, developing expertise requires doctoral students to master disciplinary knowledge, conventions and scholarship under the guidance of supervisors. Methodology : T ...
discipline expertise, research expertise, doctoral students, PhD students, supervisors, doctoral learning support, student-supervisor fit
1 - 16
James Burford
Aim/Purpose: This article offers a conceptual summary and critique of existing literature on doctoral writing and emotion. The article seeks to intervene in current debates about doctoral writing by re-positioning it as an affective-political practice Background: Over recent decades public interest in the doctorate has expanded as it has become re-framed as a key component of national success ...
affect, affective-politics, doctoral writing, doctoral education, emotion, neoliberalism
17 - 32
Sharla Berry
Aim/Purpose: Enrollment in online doctoral programs has grown over the past decade. A sense of community, defined as feelings of closeness within a social group, is vital to retention, but few studies have explored how online doctoral students create community. Background: In this qualitative case study, I explore how students in one online doctoral program created a learning community. Me ...
community, online learning, virtual classrooms, cohort, social network, socialization
33 - 48
Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw, Lucinda S. Spaulding, Rebecca Lunde
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explain how Distance Education women EdD students who are mothers balanced and integrated their multiple identities (e.g., mother, student, professional) to persist. Background: It is well documented that parenting students experience higher levels of stress and pressure during their degree pursuit than their non-parenting counterparts. It is also ...
doctoral education, persistence, female identity, academic identity, distance education
49 - 72
Esma Emmioglu Sarikaya, Lynn McAlpine, Cheryl Amundsen
Aim/Purpose: This paper examined the balance and meaning of two types of experiences in the day-to-day activity of doctoral students that draw them into academia and that move them away from academia: ‘feeling like an academic and belonging to an academic community;’ and ‘not feeling like an academic and feeling excluded from an academic community.’ Background: As students navigate doctoral wo ...
doctoral education, academic culture, workplace learning, doctoral students’ academic activities
73 - 90
Solveig Cornér, Erika Löfström, Kirsi Pyhältö
Aim/Purpose: Both the quality and the quantity of doctoral supervision have been identified as central determinants of the doctoral journey. However, there is a gap in our understanding of how supervision activities are associated with lack of wellbeing, such as burnout, and also to completion of the studies among doctoral students. Background: The study explored doctoral students’ perceptions ...
doctoral education, supervision, supervisory activities, burnout
91 - 106
Wendy M Goff, Seyum Getenet
Aim/Purpose: We show a new dimension to the process of using design-based research approach in doctoral dissertations. Background: Design-based research is a long-term and concentrated approach to educational inquiry. It is often a recommendation that doctoral students should not attempt to adopt this approach for their doctoral dissertations. In this paper, we document two doctoral dissertatio ...
design based research, doctoral study, doctoral dissertation
107 - 121
Susi Peacock
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this work is to develop more nuanced understandings of the PhD by publication, particularly raising awareness of the retrospective PhD by publication. The article aims to contribute to contemporary debates about the differing pathways to the attainment of doctoral study completion and the artifacts submitted for that purpose. It also seeks to support prospective graduat ...
PhD by publication, doctoral studies, PhD by published works, PhD by pub-lished papers
123 - 135
Sarah L Ferguson, Katrina A Hovey, Robin K Henson
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of the current study is to explore student perceptions of their own doctoral-level education and quantitative proficiency. Background: The challenges of preparing doctoral students in education have been discussed in the literature, but largely from the perspective of university faculty and program administrators. The current study directly explores the student voice on t ...
quantitative proficiency, doctoral education, exploratory mixed-methods
137 - 156
Jouni A Peltonen, Jenna Vekkaila, Pauliina Rautio, Kaisa Haverinen, Kirsi Pyhältö
Aim/Purpose: The primary aim of this study was to better understand the individual variations in supervisory and researcher community support among doctoral students by analyzing the social support profiles of Finnish doctoral students. The differences among the profiles, in terms of satisfaction with supervision, experienced burnout, time to candidacy and disciplinary background were also examine ...
doctoral education, supervision, burnout, satisfaction, drop-out intentions
157 - 173
Annabella Sok Kuan Fung, Jane Southcott, Felix L. C. Siu
Aim/Purpose: It aimed at investigating the motives and challenges of 15 mature-aged doctoral students at two education faculties in Australian and Asian contexts. Background: This cross-border research collaboration investigated the first international higher-research forum between two education faculties in Hong Kong and Australia. Methodology: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) was ...
mature-aged doctoral students, motivation, doctoral program design, cross border research collaboration, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
175 - 195
Stefanie Benjamin, James Williams , Michelle A Maher
Aim/Purpose: This study explores PhD students’ transition into graduate school, which can be a challenging experience for many. Background: Using photographs and in-depth interviews, this study provides nuanced insight into influences on first-year PhD students’ lived experiences, with a specific focus on these students’ perceptions of doctoral student well-being. Methodology: Twenty-nine first- ...
PhD students, well-being, volunteer employed photography
197 - 217
Jason D Flora
Aim/Purpose: Much has been written in academia about the meaningful relationship between doctoral students and their respective dissertation chairs. However, an often-overlooked benefit of the dissertation research process as a whole is its potential to professionally and personally transform the capacities of all concerned – the doctoral candidate, mentor/major professor, and committee. Backgrou ...
doctoral education, PhD supervision, scholarly leadership, mentorship, experi-ential learning
219 - 249
KerryAnn O'Meara, Kimberly A. Griffin, Alexandra Kuvaeva, Gudrun Nyunt, Tykeia N Robinson
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of our study was to gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to graduate student sense of belonging and gain insights into differences in sense of belonging for different groups of students. Background: Sense of belonging, or the feeling that a person is connected to and matters to others in an organization, has been found to influence college student r ...
sense of belonging, graduate education, underrepresented minority students
251 - 279

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