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Kevin Allan Johnston, Susan Benvenuti
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
It is widely accepted that assessment determines learning: what is learnt, how the learning takes place, the extent to which the learning is retained, and the extent to which that learning can be further developed or applied (Biggs, 2003; Boud, Cohen, & Sampson, 1999; Entwistle & Entwistle, 1997; Rowntree, 1992). This paper examines an assessment intervention undertaken independently by two South African Universities in their first year Information Systems Courses, aimed at improving both the learning of content and the development of academic and career skills, within the constraints of curriculum, large classes and under-preparedness of students. Departing from a similar concept, the two universities designed and implemented the assessment tasks independently, with each experiencing different successes and challenges. Representing a first cycle in an Action Research study, the underlying rationale behind the interventions is presented, together with a detailed analysis of the two case studies and their shared lessons learned from the experience.
assessment, large classes, academic literacy, student engagement, newspaper
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