Blogs - The New Source of Data Analysis

Michael Jones, Irit Alony
InSITE 2008  •  Volume 8  •  2008
Blogs are a new and intriguing form of communication and personal expression. Researchers are only just beginning to realise the value that these media present as sources of data for research. This paper begins to unveil the untapped potential that the blogosphere provides for research. The paper begins by introducing blogs, explaining their evolution and the important role they play in society. A major contribution to knowledge comes from the paper’s analysis of the motivation behind blogging - providing a framework of seven different motivational schemes. Building on this, the paper explores why blogs are a valuable and reliable source of data for analysis. The paper illustrates how blogs can be used for analysis, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of their use. The paper concludes with a brief note on some of the ethical considerations of using blogs for research.
Blogs, Blogosphere, Qualitative Research, Research Methods, Data Analysis.
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