Workshop: Keyword Discovery: Visualizing Your Topic in Research, Thesis and Dissertation Development

Vicki L Gregory, Kiersten L Cox
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 911-912
Aim/Purpose: Participants will learn various digital tools to assist them in the discovery of appropriate keywords for their own research and writings as well as in teaching.

Background: Experiences teaching undergraduates and graduate students information literacy and retrieval have identified several areas where students have problems in searching databases because of misconceptions as to what they should be using as keywords.

Methodology: The use of visual tools to identify keywords.

Contribution: The visualization software demonstrated and used in the workshop can enhance the literature review portion of any research project.

Recommendations for Practitioners: With the vast expansion of the amount of information available via the Web, it is time to go back to a more considered approach to keywords (as in the past when searching a database could cost hundreds of dollars) rather than just the first words that might occur.

Recommendations for Researchers: In addition to using these techniques in your own research, teaching them to research assistants and students and not assume that everyone knows how to use keywords.

Impact on Society: These same approaches can be used in continuing education or by independent scholars.

Future Research: We plan to demonstrate at the conclusion of the workshop visual tools that can take it another step and help in organizing sources.
information literacy, keywords, information instruction, undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers
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