Setting a New Global Agenda: Learning from International Approaches to Higher Education Leadership Development

Russell Thacker, Sydney Freeman Jr., Daniel RL Campbell
Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education  •  Volume 4  •  2019  •  pp. 299-306

This paper establishes a research agenda for learning from global approaches to higher education as a field of study by encouraging research into new methods and practices in leadership development from emerging scholars and practitioners around the world.

Significant growth has occurred in the number of academic programs, research centers, and scholars serving in the field of higher education in the last two decades. This presents an opportunity to expand methods and practices in a new and global direction.

Conceptual essay

We identify the need to expand research on higher education as a field of study beyond national and Western constructs.

Several specific initiatives, resources, and potential research areas for future scholars are discussed, including curricular, pedagogical, and programmatic best practices and internal and external leadership development programs in higher education.

By adopting best practices in leadership development from other national or regional settings, faculty who prepare higher education leaders can inspire innovation in their leadership development programs and reach diverse audiences.

Researchers in the field of study of higher education can use recently available resources to access global perspectives on the study of leadership development in higher education.

The development of professional leaders in higher education is critical to the future of social and economic development. Understanding the innovative approaches utilized by other countries for higher education leadership development can improve leader preparation efforts everywhere.

A concise research agenda is set forward for future scholars and practitioners.

higher education as a field of study, leadership development, international higher education
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