Effective Use of Case Teaching in Large Undergraduate Classes

Kenneth A. Grant, Michael Moorhouse, Candace T Grant
InSITE 2020  •  2020  •  pp. 221-236
Aim/Purpose: To guide faculty who wish to use the case method in large undergraduate classes

Background: The paper reviews a range of case teaching methods and provides specific guidance on how to use them in various classroom situations.

Methodology: Literature review, reflective experience, interviews, and surveys

Contribution: This paper addresses a gap in case teaching research which tends to focus on its use in graduate classes

Findings: Case teaching can be used effectively in large undergraduate classes, but needs to be used in different ways and with different techniques from those commonly recommended for graduate classes.

Recommendations for Practitioners: Be creative and go beyond the Harvard: case method and draw on the broader range of techniques used in active and experiential learning

Impact on Society: Better and more relevant classroom experiences

Future Research: Examine and evaluate field examples of innovative case teaching, especially in hybrid and online environments.
case teaching, active learning, experiential learning, large classes
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