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Grandon Gill is the President of the Informing Science Institute’s Board ofGrandonGill
Governors and serves as the Editor in Chief of ISI’s Journal of IT Education: Discussion Cases. His research covers a broad range of topics within the informing science transdiscipline, with a particularly strong emphasis on complexity and the use of case studies to bring together the academic and practitioner communities. He recently was appointed Academic Director of the new DBA program offered by the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida.
Fay Sudweeks  Fay Sudweeks is the Secretary of the Informing Science Institute’s Board of Governors and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of ISI’s Interdisciplinary Journal of e-Skills and Lifelong Learning and also an editorial board member of three other international journals. She is an Associate Professor Emerita at Murdoch University, Australia. Her research interests include: lifelong learning using innovative technologies; social, cultural and economic aspects of computer-mediated communication and CSCW; and group dynamics. Her academic background includes psychology, sociology, cognitive science and communication studies. She has more than 100 publications including books, book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers. She has given invited talks in numerous countries including the USA, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Israel, and Sweden. Fay has supervised about 15 doctoral and masters students.
photo o fBettyBoydElizabeth (Betty) Boyd is the Treasurer Informing Science Institute’s Board of Governors and serves as the co-Executive Director of ISI. Betty graduated from Stanford University and served as a System Engineer at IBM prior to starting her teaching career.
EliCohenEli Cohen founded the Informing Science Institute and serves as its Executive Director and is a member of the Board of Governors. He has an academic background in a variety of subjects including Information Systems, Statistics and Measurement, Psychology, Education, and Computer Science. He has taught in the US, Poland, Australia, and South Africa.
MichaelJonesMichael Jones is a member of the Informing Science Institute’s Board of Governors and serves as the Editor in Chief of ISI’s International Journal of Doctoral Studies. His research is primarily in the area of organizational psychology with a recent large international grant looking at engagement of volunteers in emergency services. Michael specializes in computer-assisted qualitative analysis and is a global leader in various software in this area. Michael has also made contributions to science in the area of organizational culture. Michael also publishes in the area of Doctoral studies and has supervised around 20 doctoral and masters students.
Meg Murray  Meg Coffin Murray is a member of the Informing Science Institute’s Board of Governors and Professor of Information Systems at Kennesaw State University in Georgia (USA), where she has been the recipient of several national grants to enhance STEM education. She specializes in the development and implementation of emerging technologies to meet educational, business, and societal needs. Her current work devises strategies to assess, remediate, and amplify skills needed to leverage IT in innovation, a primary driver of economic growth.
Mathews NkhomaMathews Nkhoma serves ISI as a Governor and serves RMIT Vietnam as Head of School of Business & Management (SBM). Associate Professor Nkhoma’s primary responsibilities are to continue ISI's positive impact on Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region. 
Dr. Nhoma was the conference chair of ISI's InSITE 2017 conference.
Jorge PerezJorge Pérez serves ISI as a Governor and the University of Tennessee System as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success. Dr. Pérez was previously vice provost and professor of information systems at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. He was the recipient of a prestigious American Council on Education (ACE) Fellowship in 2013, spending that academic year at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Digital literacy is the focus of his current research.
WalTaylorRaafat George Saadé is a member of the Informing Science Institutes Board of Governors.  He is the Senior Editor-in-Chief of ISI Collaborative Journal International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies (IJCDMS) and the ICAO Scientific Reviews of Civil Aviation Analytics and Management (SRCAAM). He is  the original software designer for the ISI Paper Review System.

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