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Informing Faculty (IF) is a repository of case studies about higher education teaching, or administrative situations. Originally established in a journal format, in 2007 the decision was made to change the outlet to a repository. Individuals interested in submitting new cases should email Editor-in-Chief Grandon Gill directly.


Recent Articles

Grandon Gill
Grandon Gill Amy J. Connolly
Grandon Gill
Richard Will Rick Skaggs
Grandon Gill Matthew Mullarkey

Editorial Board

Grandon Gill
Editor in Chief

The Informing Faculty repository invites faculty members in higher education to submit case studies relating to situations that they or their colleagues have faced or are facing. These case studies should be designed to encourage thoughtful discussions of the issues involved, in a classroom, workshop or online setting. At the present time, our principle focus is on publishing cases addressing challenges stemming from: Implementation of innovative technologies for teaching Adoption of new ped ...


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