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Volume 1, 2017

The Muma Business Review (MBR) is a new peer-reviewed open access journal specifically intended to serve the needs of both the practitioner-researcher. Its mission is to publish empirical findings and conceptual analyses that have been rigorously developed, that are communicated in a manner that is accessible to practicing managers and, most importantly, that address the real world challenges faci ...
Mission, authors, reviewers, editors, readers, policies
1 - 8
Robert W Hammond
There is no one best course through a Doctorate of Business Administration program but there are paths that maximize your time and value. Some people will wander through the research wilderness until having an epiphany, while others will treat the program like a journey-man and “do the work”, and still others will panic at the end of the third semester and “have to pick a topic for the dissertatio ...
Executive Education, DBA, Executive Learning, Active Learner, Life-long Learner
9 - 29
Troy Montgomery
Chris Kay, Humana’s Chief Innovation Officer, shared insights into the innovation decision-making process. Kay discussed specific strategies employed by Humana to bring consumer insights to action and he shared examples of the development of innovation ideas.
“The first, and most often wrong, question is, ‘How much is this worth?’” Chris Kay, the Chief Innovation Officer at the $50B health and we ...
Humana, Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Co-creation, Chief Innovation Officer
31 - 38
Robert W Hammond
Firms struggle with transforming sales teams and sometimes resort to replacing sales people to accomplish business objectives. Sustainability theory provides a framework for analyzing the effects of replacing sales people for all stakeholders. By applying sustainability theory to sales transformation, managers can improve understanding of externalities and thus the total cost of the hiring circle.
Sales, Salespeople, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Externalities, Hiring, Firing, Hiring Cycle, Transformation, Organization Change, Change Management
39 - 45
Robert W Hammond
Companies literally spend billions training sales people and yet continue to have problems transforming sales teams. In support of finding new approaches to this problem the following paper applies different theories to the problem and describes the results of a pilot survey conducted with sales teams in the Americas and Asia.
Sales, Innovation Diffusion, Motivation, Organization Change, Training, Change Management, Management
47 - 55
Gilbert Gonzalez
Is Entrepreneurship a skill to be trained, a natural ability, or both? Understanding the source of supply and/or the quantity supplied of entrepreneurs is crucial to encouraging new business creation.
Can a community increase the supply and/or quantity supplied of entrepreneurs through programs, training, stimulus, and regulatory change? It is generally agreed that small and medium sized busines ...
Nature, Nurture, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Entrepreneurship, Intentions, Startup, Small And Medium Business (SME), Stimulus, Factors of Production, Jobs, Employment, Incubator, Small Business Development Center
57 - 67

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